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Tidsskriftet ARBEJDERHISTORIE: Efterlysning af bidrag til temanr. om Socialdemokratierne i Norden i 2024


Redaktionen af SFAHs tidsskrift ARBEJDERHISTORIE indkalder her bidrag til et temanummer – med udgivelse i 2024 – om de nordiske socialdemokratiske partier. I dette opslag kan man læse mere om temaet:

The Danish Labour History Journal (Tidsskriftet Arbejderhistorie) hereby invite papers on Social Democratic history in the Nordic countries for a special issue.

From starting out class-based in the late 1800’s, Social Democratic parties in the 20th Century sought a ‘third way’ between Soviet-style communism and American-style capitalism, combining workers’ rights with acknowledgement of industrial interests to become ‘people’s parties’. This strategy was overwhelmingly successful, especially in the Scandinavian countries where Social Democrats dominated politics and created states in their image. Coming into the 21st Century however, Social Democratic governmental power is no longer given and Social Democratic parties grabble with their identity – also in relation to their history. In this special issue, we wish to explore the transformations between then and now: developments, breaks and continuities in Nordic Social Democracy.

The inspiration comes from the Nordic Labour History Network (NLHL) roundtable on Social Democracy in the Nordic Countries, hosted by ARBARK Sweden in November 2021 and the following panel at the 5th Nordic Challenges Conference at Södertörn University in June 2022. Panelists and participants from these events are encouraged to contribute, but we stress that all submissions are welcome.

Papers should be in English, or a Scandinavian language and we welcome submissions from all Nordic countries. Cross disciplinary approaches are very welcome.

Submissions can take the form of:

– Articles, which must live up to standards for academic studies and will be submitted to peer review. Word limit 8.000 excl. endnotes and references.

– Essays, which contribute insights, hypotheses, syntheses, story-telling, etc. Will be submitted to review by the Arbejderhistorie editors. Word limit 6.000.

– An opinion piece or literature/research review. Word limit 2.000

Please send an abstract of no more than 500 words with your proposed paper. Note in your abstract submission if you wish to contribute with a paper or an essay.

Themes can include, but are not limited to:

– The welfare state
– The relationship with capitalism
– The relationship with labour unions
– Foreign and security policy
– Transnational issues
– Gender & sexuality issues
– Immigration & race policies
– Colonial policies
– Party and power
– Rebellion and resistance

Abstracts should be submitted no later than 1 August 2023. Deadline for articles will be 1 January 2024.

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Tidsskriftet ARBEJDERHISTORIE: Efterlysning af bidrag til temanr. om Socialdemokratierne i Norden i 2024